The KISS Vampire War came about when vampires tried to get Gail fired for being mean to the band KISS.[1] She had been making various ridiculous jokes about the band and the fact that Love Gun is about a wang, and their disapproval really didn't make her stop because seriously now. Vampires.[2] Soon, the vampire group (who she claimed was led by Vampire Dave) was claiming their 20,000 followers all were giving Gail the side-eye, but she claimed a werewolf group (led by Werewolf Steve) totally had her back. This led to some hilarious lines[3] and one vampire apologizing because the others gave vamps a bad name. One vampire, claiming to run a company that represents celebrities, said she was contacting Twitter's legal team[4]. There was also at least one call made to Gail's employer in an attempt to get her fired[5], although it is uncertain if this was the same vampire.

In the end, the scourge of the undead appeared to have either lost interest or they were distracted by a remastered release of Destroyer or something. Either way, they have largely left Gail, the Vampire Annoyer alone since.

  1. First reference to angry rocker vampires