Welcome to the Gail Simone's Twitter WikiaEdit

This is an unofficial, fan-created guide to the wild and twisting ways of comic author Gail Simone's legendary Twitter account. From what blue milk is made of, to the KISS vampires, to the horror of King Buttermilk, we do our best to document all its glorious weirdness.

Caution: May contain some factual material.

About Gail Simone's TwitterEdit

Gail Simone, author of a wide variety of comics including Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Deadpool, Leaving Megalopolis, The Movement, Secret Six and far too many others to list here, is also well known for her Twitter feed. There, Gail is free to spin tales and make wild assertions (but never, ever trolling), to the delight of tens of thousands of fans worldwide. The aim of this wiki is to prevent these gems from vanishing into the oblivion of Twitter's archives, and to make it easier to share the outlandish world she has created there. Where possible, links to the actual stories will be provided so people can read them directly.

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