Crud Hut[1] is a terrible restaurant envisioned by Gail.

Many facts are known about Crud Hut, and here they are for your vacation planning needs:

  • Crud Hut only has one flavor of ice cream and that flavor is Cross-Country Windshield Scrapings.
  • Crud Hut also has Cap'n Crunch Raw Chickenberries for the tots.
  • Crud Hut has a customer loyalty punchcard plan where after you eat five lunches, they pee in your glovebox.
  • Hipsters think Crud Hut is ironic, but in fact, it is just shit.
  • Crud Hut has a complete breakfast menu of just British cereals and American chocolate.
  • Crud Hut's slogan is PIZZA! PIZZA! They don't have pizza.
  • One time at Crud Hut? A guy got a chicken nugget in his bowl of rats.
  • The Happy Meals at Crud Hut are just sacks of prescription drugs.
  • The official mascot of a Crud Hut is Lupus.
  • On your birthday, the entire staff of Crud Hut comes to your table and re-enacts their favorite hilarious Geiko commercials.
  • The Employee Training Manual at Crud Hut is just a bunch of episodes of Game of Thrones.
  • At Crud Hut, if your clerk forgets to give you a reciept, you get a free side of ranch-flavored tanning lotion dippin' sauce.
  • Crud Hut is a theme restaurant and the theme is Rob Schneider films.
  • Crud Hut is a terrible restaurant, you guys.
  • Lindy's WISHES it was Crud Hut.
  • Evidently, Crud Hut has a car rental agency now.
  • Never order weasel at a Crud Hut.
  • They serve crappy dip at Crud Hut.
  • Crud-Hut is now owned by Sizzler!

It should be noted that Gail Simone has NEVER recommended Crud Hut in any way she'll admit to.[2]

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